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Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms with its origins in Ireland, which can be roughly divided into social dances and show or competition dances. The social dances can be further divided into Set dancing and Céilí dance.

Irish show dance is traditionally referred to as tap dance. Irish stepdance, popularized in 1994 thanks to the world-famous show "Riverdance", is known for the fast leg movements where the upper body and the arms are kept almost still. Most racing stepdances are solo dances, but many step dancers also use céilí dances for their performances and competitions. The Solo Step Dance can generally be characterized by a controlled but not stiff upper body, stretched arms and fast, precise foot movements. These dances can be performed with a "hard shoe" or with a "soft shoe".

Every dancer of SRC is entitled to a reimbursement of travel expenses when participating in a Workshop or Feis. The reimbursement amounts to a maximum of € 30 and is calculated from the Venlo or Eindhoven railway station, rounded up at 5 km.


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Stichting Càirdean na Rince Celtus

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Irish Dance

The Càirdean na Rince Celtus aims to promote the Irish dance sport and culture in general and support the dance school Scoil Rince Celtus (SRC) in particular.

The foundation has no members or staff but supports the dancers and teachers. We do this in particular;

• Promote Irish dance sport and culture
• Collecting funds for clothing
• Performing services for SRC dancers
• Fundraising
• Member recruitment
• Organizing competitions
• Show dancing on various occasions.

Our goals


We want our dancers and dancers to be able to practice their favorite sport as optimally as possible. With your contribution we can support them in the travel costs to and from workshops and competitions. Your contribution is also used to provide dancers with clothes for show and demonstration dances.

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